Aventus has three business areas.

Intelligence Service

This area encompasses the collection, analysis and processing of non-publicly as well as publicly available information. Unknown business partners und markets, hostile takeovers, or white-collar crimes increase for instance the need for information. For the purpose of acquiring respective information we employ a network of more than 300 intelligence service partners around the globe. Thereby we are able to act as a private intelligence service for companies as well as individuals, and to effectively provide them with comprehensive background information, being a prerequisite for well-grounded decision making.

Information Security

Internal corporate information has often been, and will be, a target of attacks. Attackers can be competitors, cybercriminals, governments, and employees. Theft and manipulation of such information can have extensive effects on its enterprise value. Our services in the field of information security help companies protect their sensitive data from external and internal attacks. By carrying out security audits and related penetration tests, we assess the information security of companies and disclose vulnerabilities. With our client, we develop a comprehensive IT-security management based on the test results, and provide workshops for employees. In case a client has been the victim of a recent internal or external attack, we assist in investigating the incident and in preventing future attacks. Members of Aventus are CISSP, CISA, CEH, and OSCP certified.

Security Audit

The IT-infrastructure of companies is under permanent threat. In security audits we assess infrastructure weaknesses and assist in setting up appropriate counter-measures. In systematic security audits, we perform penetration tests of LAN, WLAN, and web as well as social engineering attacks among a portfolio of other methods. The client is presented a documentation of current security vulnerabilities and concrete recommendations for mending them. Upon request, we will assist the client directly in resolving security vulnerabilities and monitoring systems.

Security Consulting

Regular security audits are mandatory for ensuring a high level of information security. However, they do not replace the existence of comprehensive IT-security management. In an as-is analysis we assess the effectiveness of the current processes. In the context of IT risk management we help companies identify the multitude of risks they are confronted with, analyze them and develop measures for their mitigation. We assist clients in the development of an IT security strategy, create and optimize their security guidelines and processes according to the respective requirements, and assist during implementation.

Security Training

The effectiveness of IT security management depends to a substantial degree on the employees' support. Internal personnel can represent a large weakness of a company's information security. We conduct effective security awareness trainings for employees in order to mitigate this risk and to strengthen the social aspect of a company’s defences.


In case of IT attacks and business crime, methods of IT-forensics help to assess and limit resulting damage. If IT-security is compromised despite of existing counter-measures, we assist in analyzing the circumstances of the attack and minimizing the damage. Especially in case of a coordinated attack, we use technical analyses in combination with our comprehensive network of intelligence service professionals in order to identify the true source of the attack. Furthermore, we provide specific services to reconstruct criminal activities.

Reputation Management

Targeted disinformation und negative campaigns can compromise the reputation of individuals or companies and cause lasting damage. We support clients with the restoration of their reputation – online as well as offline. In case of an attack we analyze the campaign background and initiator and take action for the prevention of future attacks.